Become a Confident Public Speaker in ONLY 2 days

(Even if you’re deathly afraid of speaking in public)

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The ability to confidently speak in public is a skill, not a gift

The fear of public speaking is the most common fear, but most people have never taken training to become a confident public speaker.  

So the good news is if you either...

*Are nervous and avoid speaking in public
*Or you do speak in public but it's not the "real you" and you want to be great

Then our training program is the fast path to becoming a confident public speaker that shares an effective message, with an engaging delivery, and is viewed as a leader.

If you're in corporate, this will help you advance your career, respect, and visibility. 

If you're an entrepreneur, this will help you gain exposure to your ideal clients and build your business. 

The ability to speak with confidence is a superpower in the business world because most people avoid it or aren't engaging when they speak, so this is your opportunity to thrive.

Watch how fast transformation can happen

One of the reasons why we get amazing client results is that we use video to track your progress.  

Yes, it's uncomfortable at first. But after we train you, the video becomes a valuable tool to see exactly the areas to refine.

Without fail, by the end of the training, every client is amazed at the transformation that occurs in only 2 days.

This happened to the clients in the videos below, and for all of our over 1,000 clients. And it will happen for you as well.


Speak With Confidence Workshop

North America’s #1 Public Speaking Course To Help You Become A Confident Public Speaker

Who is this workshop for?

The Speak With Confidence Workshop is for business professionals and entrepreneurs that want to present their message with clarity, connection, and confidence so they're able to engage every audience and look great doing it.

Most of our workshop participants fall into 1 of 2 categories:


You want to overcome public speaking nerves

Anxiety, fear, and discomfort are all part of public speaking for you and so you avoid it or it stresses you out every time you have to speak, sometimes even days before. You want to get over these nerves and learn to enjoy public speaking and be able to confidently say "yes" to speaking in public. 


You're good and want to improve 

You often speak in public, but it's not the "real you" when you do. You want to gain the ability to share your authentic self when speaking in public so you can share your message to larger audiences and make a bigger impact.

If either of these two are your goals, you will achieve them by attending our 2-Day in-person training where regardless of your starting point, we will build your public speaking skills by using our Speak With Confidence system.

Each day has a specific theme and by the end of the 2 days, you will walk out of the training looking great when you speak in public, clear on the leader you're ready to be, and excited to seize public speaking opportunities to you can showcase your new speak with confidence ability and look great doing it.

The only question you'll have now is if you should tell people about the training you took… or let them wonder how you suddenly become so confident? 

How it works

day 1

Become Comfortable Speaking In Public

You start off with an assessment to see your baseline speaking ability. (It doesn't matter where you start because you'll only improve from here) 

Then you gain the foundation: best practices for body posture, stress management, the confident mindset, and practice speaking. 

You get expert feedback from the trainer so you know exactly what you will focus on to improve next time. Then we end the day with an activity to become comfortable being the center of attention.

By the end of Day 1, you will be able to feel comfortable speaking in public and ready for the next step in your public speaking confidence journey.

day 2

Become An Effective Speaker

Now that you're comfortable to speak in public, now you need the tools to be effectively do it.

First you learn the framework to quickly create an effective message. One that allows you to never have to try memorizing a script or the stress of trying to wing a talk. 

Then you get clear on the type of Leader you're here to become. This allows you to show up in a more powerful way when speaking. 

When this is done, we do training to find your authentic voice. From breathing techniques to practicing different vocal tones and delivery styles you're able to see which is best for you. 

And all of these skills are reinforced with practice speaking to the group and getting expert feedback to fast-track your public speaking confidence development.

Why we’re different from other public speaking courses

You don’t need more information. You need transformation – from where you are now to the confident speaker you dream of becoming.

That’s what makes Speak With Confidence so different. It isn’t just another public speaking training, it is a life-changing experience because we focus on identifying and overcoming what's stopping you from speaking with confidence.

Why we're different is that most public speaking trainings focus on speech writing, delivery techniques, vocal tone, and variety. These are all logical, useful tactics, but... 

You know what you do, you know what you'd want to say, so we need to build your inner confidence so you can speak with confidence in every situation. 

If you can speak comfortably with friends, colleagues, or family members, but become nervous when speaking to a group, then this isn't a logical issue, otherwise, you'd be comfortable doing it. The key here is this is an emotional issue. There's something inside that's stopping you from speaking with confidence. 

By emotional issue, I don't mean to suggest there's something wrong with you because the fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears. But most people are not aware of what is actually stopping them because most trainings focus on delivery tips. But all the tips in the world won't help you if you're overwhelmed with nerves. 

A few of the potential emotional obstacles are the fear of being rejected by a crowd, of potentially humiliating yourself, of not feeling good enough when speaking or being exposed as not good enough if you do. 

These are the emotional blockages that actually stop most people from seizing public speaking opportunities or from shining in the spotlight. 

This understanding and ability to help our clients overcome emotional obstacles is what makes us different. 

It's not the fault of the other public speaker trainers that they don't know or can't help in this essential area. The reason we are able to is that before we started offering public speaking training, we were offering stress management training (specializing in anxiety and panic attacks).

So our experience there allows us to help clients in a specialized way and achieve these transformational results in only a few days instead of years of trying on your own.


Lucas Mattiello is one of North America's most sought-after public speaking coaches, specializing in helping entrepreneurs and business professionals become confident public speakers in record time.

From helping people who are deathly afraid to enjoy public speaking to training clients to speak with confidence on the biggest stages in the world and everything in between.

Since 2012, after working with over 1,000 clients, Lucas has gained the experience and knowledge of exactly what is needed to help anyone become a confident speaker.

He created the Hierarchy of Confidence, our signature process that we use in every training to systematically build your public speaking confidence. 

The reason that Lucas is skilled in helping clients to become confident speakers is that he personally struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for 15 years. It was this experience that led him to discover the tools people need to become confident speakers and communicators, no matter how nervous they are about speaking in public. 

Lucas also gave a TEDx talk on How To Speak With Confidence.


Over 1,000 people have participated in our Speak With Confidence Workshop, and just like you, most of them started off nervous to speak in public.

During the workshop, we helped them control their nerves, gain effective communication tools, and become confident public speakers every time they speak. 

Feel free to watch some of the videos or read their testimonials below:

Ready to become our next success story?


Date: October 13 - 14, 2023

Time: 9:00 am - 5:30pm PST

Venue: Hotel Blu 

Address: 177 Robson St, Vancouver, BC

**Limited to only 8 participants



Registration Fee Includes:

  • Pre and post workshop online training
  • 2 days of in-person training
  • Before/after transformation videos
  • Speak With Confidence workbook


Registration Fee: $2,495


  • Pre-workshop online training
  • 2 days of in-person training
  • Before/After Transformation Videos (Day 1/Day 2)
  • Speak With Confidence Workbook


Will I actually become a more confident public speaker?

Yes, and we guarantee it. The reason we can guarantee this is that, unlike a lecture-style training where you could take notes for a few days and walk out without any actual improvement, our training is experiential. During this workshop, you actually stand up, practice speaking in public, and have many breakthrough experiences so if you walk into the room on Day 1, you will walk out a more confident public speaker by Day 2.

What kind of people attend this workshop?

This workshop is designed for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their careers and business by becoming confident public speakers. Typically they're either nervous about speaking in public or not extremely confident when they do. They have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but a common goal of public speaking confidence and they are supportive of their fellow participants to achieve the same goal.

I'm an experienced publish speaker, am I too advanced for this training?

Most of our messaging is about conquering public speaking nerves and becoming comfortable because most people are not comfortable speaking in public. So if you're a good public speaker and want to become great, then this training is still for you. Because of the small group environment, we're able to tailor the training to your specific goals. For someone that's very afraid of public speaking, just standing up is a major win. For you, after coaching speakers on some of the biggest stages in the world, we will be more critical of your delivery to find those specific areas to refine, so that you take your speaking abilities to the next level and wow those big audiences.

Is 1-on-1 or online training better than group training?

We have done 1-on-1, online, and group training, and without there's one specific type that helps clients conquer public speaking nerves and gain confidence the quickest. 

1-on-1 is great if your goal is on improving speech content or you have a great foundation of speaking confidence and just need a couple of tweaks to be ready for a big stage. 

Online is great because it allows more people to access the training and is very convenient to attend. But in my experience, in terms of overcoming public speaking nerves, it is about 30% as effective as our in-person training. The reason is that nerves are often centered on fears associated with being the center of attention in front of a crowd. This cannot be replicated online and even if you have 30 people on the online training, there's a level of comfort that comes from being on video and to truly conquer the nerves, it requires a live audience. 

Group training is the best choice to get the fastest results in terms of speaking confidence, but it must be small group training. If you're in a training with 50+ people, then it becomes an information-focused training, which only tells you what you should do. 

Small group training, anywhere from 8-12 people leads to the quickest results because in that size of a group, you're able to get the experience of being in front of a group, so you can become comfortable with that, but it's a small enough group so you're able to get the coaching and support needed to get rapid results. This is accomplished by instead of having an information-focused training, it's an experiential-focused training.

Why should I do this instead of joining a speakers group?

There are many speaking organizations out there like Toastmasters that are great at what they do. They have many events, so it's easy to find groups to join, they're cheap to attend, you can have a group to constantly attend. Many of our clients start at these types of organizations when pursuing public speaking skill development as you get some exposure to public speaking. 

There's a few reasons why many people that attend these groups contact us to take Speak With Confidence:

They don't have time to attend weekly meetings. Our clients are ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs so because of their busy schedule, they want to find a training that is specialized so they can get in, gain speaking confidence, then go out and advance their career. 

The cheapest is the most expensive: While low cost training options exist, for professionals and entrepreneurs, each month that they're not confident public speaking is potentially costing them $1,000's of dollars so time is money and attending a low cost group that will take them over a year of constantly attending to get the results that can be achieved in 3 days with a highly specialized training doesn't make sense. 

Expert training: The reason these groups can charge such low fees is because they are peer led. So while they have nice people, you don't have an expert trainer that will be able to see you speak and in minutes, share exactly what you need to do and be able to do to build your public speaking confidence and more importantly support you to achieve your goals quickly 

Too formal and structured: In order to have groups all across the country, having a predictable formula is required so that everyone knows what to expect in each group. The unfortunate part is that many of these groups are quite formal and rigid. With the introductions and focus on counting "umms and ahhhs." While reducing filler words, such as "umms and ahhhs" we have had many clients come from these organizations with a false sense of public speaking confidence because they don't have many filler words, but there's no emotion or authenticity in their delivery. A speaker who even uses some filler words, but is dynamic and authentic in their delivery will be much more impactful than a speaker that uses zero filler words, but speaks in a robotic, calculated manner.

Will this be a difficult experience?

Will this be hard? Will this be confronting? We commonly get this question and when you're making any type of upgrade in your life, there's typically some nerves and discomfort that comes with starting it because it will feel strange to feel confident public speaking if you've dreaded it for many years. It will likely be uncomfortable to see yourself speaking on stage, but that's because of the inner critic. So when you get training on how to be more forgiving to seeing yourself speak, then your speaking improves and your life becomes easier. 

The good news is that we offer a safe, supportive environment for you to make it as easy as possible for you to become a confident public speaker. While there may be some parts that are uncomfortable, it's nothing compared to how much easier your life will become after you overcome the fear of public speaking, seize speaking opportunities, and become able to speak with confidence.  It's a couple of days of minor discomfort for a lifetime of joy and happiness.

If you’re still not sure if this workshop is right for you and you have more questions, send an email to or click on the button below to schedule a free consultation:



We get it. You want to become a more confident public speaker, and maybe you’ve taken a public speaking course before that wasn’t helpful for you. You’re probably asking yourself: how do I know this training will work? What if I don’t improve? 

There are two things we know with absolute certainty. First, how effective our system is and, second, for the right clients, it has a 100% success rate. So let's remove all the risks for you. We will guarantee that you will walk out of the training a more confident public speaker. 

It's easy to make claims like this, but I actually stand behind it with a personal guarantee. If you show up and do all of the activities in the training and don't think your public speaking abilities improve, we will personally work with you out until you get the results you need.

A guarantee like this is unheard of in the live event industry, but we have confidence in our training and that with this guarantee that removes all the risk, more people will get this essential training that will help improve their lives and that's our mission.  

So now it's all upside for you. There's no risk except not doing this training. If you’re ready to so the one thing you need to start your journey to becoming a confident speaker, click on the button below to register for this workshop.

A Personal Note from Lucas Mattiello...

Public speaking nerves stop most people from advancing their career so the fact that you're even considering public speaking confidence training is a sign that you're on the path to becoming your best self. 

This training is something I'm very proud of because it's been refined over 12 years into a system that transforms the lives of clients from being nervous to having the ability to speak with confidence. 

This not only provides you with a superpower in the business world - but more important than more money and prestige is the freedom to speak your truth and have a life of no regrets because you had the confidence to go after what you truly desire and become the person you know you're destined to be. I truly hope that I’ll have the privilege of helping in our next workshop.